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We can do microblading which is taking a microblade and creating 3d hair strokes that mimic real hairs and create that natural looking eyebrow. We can do it for someone with no eyebrows or if you just need a fuller more defined brow. Many of us have been victims to the over plucked 90's and 2000's brow that we all once adored.

Powder Brow

Powder brows or Ombre brows are eyebrows that have had a PMU machine used. We use the machine to outline and shade in your eyebrows. It can give a very light powder pixelated look. It can also give you bold beautiful brows that look like you colored with your favorite pencil.

Touch up

No brow is finished without your touch up! This is what we call the perfection session. We can add any finishing touches like added strokes, a deeper color, a higher arch etc. This touch up will make your eyebrows last the full 1-2 years.


Are you a victim to a botched permanent makeup service? We offer saline removal. This can take more than 1 session. It is a lot gentler than laser. We don't use any harsh chemicals only salt, water, and fruit extracts. We will lighten up your old eyebrows and start from scratch to ensure you get the brows of your dreams.

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